Who is EB-5 WorldWide?

EB-5 WorldWide and its predecessors are among the oldest and most successful EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program organizations in the United States of America. We invite you to learn more about EB-5 WorldWide, why we are successful, and the careful analysis and procedures we use. You will be able to make a safe and beneficial investment in one of our selected real estate and industry projects.

What is EB-5?

It used to be a very lengthy and difficult process to become a permanent resident of the United States using the traditional available visas. Fortunately, the US government created the Immigrant Investor Program, or EB-5 Program, to allow foreign nationals, who can make investments in the US, to become residents.

Why Invest?

Every family wants to open doors of opportunity for their children for success and fulfillment. The EB-5 WorldWide investment program is one of the safest and most direct paths to helping your family achieve a better life in the United States.

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Working with EB-5 WorldWide's experienced team of immigration and real estate consultants means that you don't have to worry about whether or not you'll get your Permanent Residency or your money back. But what next? Let our team of American life consultants help you get settled by handling ALL of your relocation needs.

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Green Card

We carefully pick and analyze each project to ensure our investor's safety. After a series of internal reviews, we use a RIMS-II economic model, provided by industry-leading Wright-Johnson, to prove that enough jobs will be created to obtain Green Cards for each project investor.

Money Back

Developers approach EB5WW weekly asking for our EB-5 funding, but after diligent inspection, only the most promising projects are even considered. The business plans and third-party appraisals of any investment we sponsor are thoroughly examined, and made available to our potential investors, because our duty is to YOU.

Relocation Consulting

Don't settle for just a Green Card and your money back! EB-5 is a permanent residency program, not an investment program, and we're here for all of your needs when you come to America. Whether it's a one week vacation, a trip to see schools, or a lifelong journey, when you're in America, we will be too.

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Comprehensive EB-5 Service

EB5WW guides you through the immigration process from start to finish, including relocation consulting

Education Placement

At a loss? Let us help you or your child find the perfect institution

Investment Consulting

In addition to EB-5 investment, EB5WW can recommend other investments

Immigration Advisement

We can help you stay in the US or maintain US legal status while abroad

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We can build you a custom home or find you one through our partners

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