EB-5 WorldWide

Who are we?

History of EB-5 WorldWide

Our staff’s EB-5 history goes back to 1995 when we began doing direct investments for our clients, obtaining 400 I-526 and I-829 approvals between 1995 and 2014, with 100% approval rate and project success. In 2010, the number of EB-5 petitions filed each year increased drastically, doubling the number of yearly petitions due to the use of the Regional Center program, because it made approvals easier and more convenient for petitioners. In the past 6 years, EB-5 WorldWide has acquired or founded two Regional Centers and expanded through the Mid-Atlantic. Read more about each of our Regional Center entities here.

Because there are already so many Regional Centers, we decided to make ourselves unique to offer a competitive advantage against the rest. Most Regional Centers are developers who open a Regional Center to develop their own projects using EB-5 money, because the interest rate on EB-5 funding is lower than traditional financing; however, if their project has an issue, their duty is to their project, not to their investors. EB5WW acts more like an EB-5 bank than a developer— our investors deposit money, and we loan it to reliable projects. By using the low interest rate that EB-5 money offers, we entice many strong developers in our region to us, and we only choose the projects that are strongest and safest for our investors. Because our duty is to our investors, not to the project, we can secure extra collateral from the developer that they would not offer to investors alone. Additionally, working with a variety of developers gives us the opportunity to offer a diverse range projects, from apartments in Washington, DC, to medical clinics in Maryland.

Region of Influence

Oriental Dolphins Investment Regional Center was approved as a United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) EB-5 Regional Center in 2011. Its geographical area includes the following 16 contiguous counties in Maryland: Allegany, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Cecil, Dorchester, Frederick, Harford, Howard, Kent, Prince Georges, Queen’s Anne, Talbot, Washington, Wicomico Counties, and the City of Baltimore. The Oriental Dolphins Investment Regional Center, may also include investments in adjacent counties, in Delaware, and in our nation's capitol: Washington, DC. If you would like to learn more about our region of influence and regional centers, click here.