Our Services

How we go above and beyond

EB5WW’s experience in EB-5 gives us the expertise to explain and help you understand every part of the investment process in detail. From our project’s safety to the extensive documentation associated with application process, we will guide you through step-by-step. Because we are an American company with a wealth of immigration involvement, we are uniquely positioned to advise on qualifying investment, source of funds, adequate personal documentation, and capital exchange.

EB5WW’s personal touch is one-to-one communication with all of our clients, lending the extent of our organization’s resources to provide full relocation service for any of our investors. We recognize that moving across the world is a big step, and strive to meet your needs in any way we are able to.

Exclusive Services for Our Clients

  • Private Tours
    Our understanding of American tourism helps us put together a perfect trip in the US for our clients and potential investors. We can facilitate any number of people of any age, for however many days. We can personalize the trip to meet your family’s desires, whether you are here for investment, business, education, or just fun. We have successfully arranged tours for schools, businesses, individuals, and families of all sizes. Finally, we will provide any and all translating and interpreting assitance that our clients may need.

  • Investment Consulting
    In addition to your EB-5 investment, EB5WW is happy to recommend investments in real estate, development, and other industries for your financial benefit.

  • Finding a Home
    Not only does EB5WW’s affiliate, Greenway Homes, build custom home for our clients, but we also have a partnership with Long and Foster, the largest private real estate company in the US, to help buy the best homes for our clients.

  • Relocation Assistance
    The small stuff shouldn’t become big problems. We will help you open a bank account, buy a car, get an international SIM card, and refer an accountant who speaks your native language to help with your taxes.

  • Education Placement
    EB5WW has helped over 1000 teachers relocate to the US through immigration education programs, and has built strong relationships in the process. Whether you require basic introductions to schools or a full private tour of the schools in a region, we provide full assitance including admissions interviews and accommodations.

  • Immigration Advisement
    In addition to our EB-5 experience, EB5WW’s affiliated organizations have helped thousands of people come to the US permanently or temporarily through B, H, J, F, L, and EB-3 visas. Don’t let the EB-5 adjudication period intimidate you—we will help you be where you want to be. Whether you want to live in the US while waiting for PR status, or travel outside of the US while maintaining your non-immigrant status, EB5WW can help.

  • Job Access
    Finding a job as a non-immigrant can be a grueling, and sometimes impossible, task. We have helped countless clients find jobs in the US, regardless of immigrant status. Our full service immigration office will even help our clients petition for H-1B and EB-3 visas after we have settled them into their new position.