Recapping the Recent USCIS Stakeholder Meeting


Here are some important notes from USCIS’s recent EB-5 stakeholder meeting, which took place this past July.

August 2nd, 2016

Policies: The Investor Program Office’s (IPO) new Policy and Performance division has been preparing revised EB-5 forms and portions of the USCIS Policy Manual. Upcoming policy chapters in the manual will include requirements for maintaining an investment during the conditional residence period and answers to other common issues. USCIS will publish a draft available for public comment before finalizing it.

Regional Center Site Visits and Audits: Per IPO, site visits will occur at the job-creating enterprise, without prior notice, and conducted by Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate personnel. The visits will be more observational than interpersonal, with the goal of ensuring that what takes place at the JCE matches what was laid out in the IPO. Unlike site visits, regional center visits are announced (contacting the Regional Center (RC) principal by letter and phone), involve interaction with management and staff, and may go on for more than a week. These are to ensure regional center compliance will all applicable laws.