August Visa Bulletin - China and India Face Retrogression for EB-1, Worldwide E-2 Cap in Place


Check out what's new in the August visa bulletin.

July 14, 2016

In regards to the recently released August visa bulletin, there are a few noteworthy restrictions to observe. First, as previously mentioned in the July visa bulletin, China and India will both face cutoff dates for the EB-1 visa. Applicants are encouraged to file before July 31, 2016, as retrogression will be implemented on August 1st 2016. Worldwide EB-1 visas, however, remain current.

The August visa bulletin also sets a worldwide cutoff date for EB-2 visas at February 1, 2014. The cutoff for India, however, progressed two weeks to November 15, 2004. This impending cutoff date in the August bulletin for world usage of E-2 visas has caused USCIS to place a worldwide annual limit on E-2 visas.

The EB-5 category remains current; Mainland China still sits at a February 15, 2014 cutoff date.

Source: Matthew Virkstis - National Law Review