EB-5 WorldWide May Newsletter


EB-5 WorldWide has received a third Regional Center approval and is expanding into the Midwest! USCIS is in the process of ramping up and reforming the EB-5 program. USCIS has staffed a task force to reform EB-5 legislation in the case that Congress does not. Meanwhile, 2016 experienced a record number of H-1B applications.

With the school year ending, EB-5 WorldWide will be co-hosting a Chinese language WeChat seminar with Q&A on staying in the US this coming Monday, May 16. Scan our EB5WW QR code below and request seminar access to join in on the conversation!


EB-5 WorldWide, Inc. Expands Through Third Regional Center Approval


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The EB-5 program raised over $7.4 billion in foreign capital in FY2015.