Concerted Care Group 2

Reshaping Baltimore

Concerted Care Group opened its first Baltimore Center in February 2015, a 10,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility located at 428 E. 25th Street.

CCG's E. 25th Street medical center serves over 700 patients, a number expected to grow as more varied treatment programs are offered.

CCG is an innovative health care group that integrates Primary Care, Mental Health, Opioid Treatment, and supportive services including vocational training, job placement and housing coordination. CCG’s highly experienced, compassionate staff focus on the patients, their families, and the community they live and work in. CCG’s goal is to empower each individual to move forward in life and take ownership of the positive outcomes they can achieve for themselves and their communities.

See pictures of our first CCG facility here.

The first CCG project was approved by USCIS for expedited processing based on the dire need for this kind of facility in the City of Baltimore. Evidence has been provided to USCIS of the continuing need for approval of expedited processing for the CCG 2 Harwood and Brooklyn projects.

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